NOVA Board Game Group has been working closely with the Arlington Public Library to slowly begin offering community game nights again.  This is an involved process and takes time, so thank you for your patience.

WE’RE BACK: We will start with game nights at the Cherrydale Library on the first Monday of each month starting at 6pm.  For the remainder of 2022, we will have game nights at Cherrydale on the following dates: Oct 3, Nov 7, and Dec 5.  NOVA BGG will bring and teach a few games, but you can bring your own game to teach/share.  Gaming will begin shortly after 6pm in the upstairs loft area of Cherrydale Library (2190 Military Rd, Arlington, VA 22207).  You do not have to be a member of NOVA BGG and you do not have to sign up for game nights in advance.  All game activities hosted at the public library are open to everyone.

HOURS FOR GAME NIGHTS:  Because all libraries have moved their closing hours from 9pm to 8pm, we are adjusting our week night sessions to a 6pm-8pm window.  We realize this is not as convenient as our previous start time, but we have no choice until libraries move back to their original schedules before the pandemic.  If you can’t show up at 6pm, feel free to come when you can.  You may be able to strike up a game with others who arrive late or join a second quick game at tables that finish their first game early.

MASK UPDATE: Masks are no longer manditory at Arlington Public Library community events.  You are welcome to wear a mask to protect your own personal health.  However, it is not required and we cannot mandate it.  As with all public outings these days, use your best judgement and make your own informed decisions.

2023 PLANS: Yes, we will be expanding game nights to other Arlington Libraries in 2023, including Central Library in January of 2023.  Stay tuned for updates on Central Library dates/times.  Other potential locations will be revealed once they approved by library administration.