Basic Rules & Expectations
for the Game Table

Our group values and protects a safe, friendly and positive environment that welcomes everyone.  It is important that we have a shared set of expected behaviors.  Every member of the group must read and agree to the following list of basic rules for the table.  Breaking/ignoring these rules could result in being asked not to return to a session and not being allowed to reserve a seat at future game sessions.  If any members have concerns or questions about these table rules, please email us at  We keep an open mind and welcome constructive discussion of these expectations outside of gaming sessions.

  • Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship
  • Be Positive, Patient and Supportive
  • Treat Everyone with Kindness & Respect
  • Respect Personal Space/Avoid Physical Contact
  • Show Up on Time and Stay the Entire Time
  • Session Host Settles All Rule Disagreements
  • Be 100% Fully Engaged and Present at the Table
  • No Mobile Phones, Tablets, or other Electronics at the Table
  • Avoid Dominating Discussions at the Table
  • Do Not Criticize or Judge Another Player’s Turn
  • No Playing Other People’s Turns for Them
  • No Discussion of Politics, Religion, Race or Sexuality
  • No Comments about Physical Appearance
  • No Questions about Relationship Status
  • No Sexual, Religious or Racist Jokes
  • Avoid Analysis Paralysis
  • No Metagaming

While we understand the above list focuses on the negatives and that most of the items are common sense, it is necessary to be clear to everyone about what type of behavior will not be tolerated.  A safe, non-threatening and positive game environment for any gaming group open to the public assures a consistently high expectation for participants that yields a better gaming experience.  People will continue coming and our group will remain strong if we all share these basic human values and all agree that the enforcement of these expectations is non-negotiable.