After taking the month of August off, we are back in the swing of things and have updated our gaming calendar with 11 new events between now and Thanksgiving.  We will post gaming sessions for Dec/Jan soon.

As you are browsing our calendar to find a game you want to play, be sure you check the LOCATION of the gaming event.  We continue to expand our reach and offerings, so be sure you know “where” each event is held before signing up.

Please remember that you must use our SignUp Genius links within the the details for each event to reserve a seat at the gaming table.  If you don’t reserve a seat online, we cannot guarantee you will be able to play when you arrive.  Priority goes to those who signup online.  Also, take a moment to review our Rules & Expectations section on this website to familiarize yourself with game table etiquette.

Here is a list of the games scheduled and their sign-up links (also available through the Calendar of Events link on the left):

9/18 – Timeline Challenge (10 Players) @ Great Falls Library

9/21 – Mission: Red Planet (6 Players) @ Arlington Central Library

9/25 – Downforce (6 Players) @ Great Falls Library

9/26 – Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (12 Players) @ Arlington Central Library

10/2 – Concept/Dixit (8 Players) @ Great Falls Library

10/11 – Scotland Yard (6 Players) @ Crescent Falls Church Apartments

10/16 – Last Night on Earth (6 Players) @ Great Falls Library

10/23 – Mysterium (7+ Players) @ Great Falls Library

11/6 – Not Alone (7 Players) @ Great Falls Library

11/8 – Escape from 100 Million BC (6 Players) @ Crescent Falls Church Apartments

11/13 – King of Tokyo (6 Players) @ Great Falls Library