We have only four spots open at the table for our July 15, 2017, game session.  We will be playing FURY OF DRACULA (third edition). This board game is a classic that has been re-released three times since its original publication in 1987.  The mechanics in the game are very similar to a board game called Scotland Yard.  The major difference is that this game is dripping with theme.  Set it the Victorian era of Bram Stoker’s original Gothic horror novel, four vampire hunters seek to find and destroy Count Dracula before time runs out.  Using a common one-vs-many cat-and-mouse mechanic, four people play the vampire hunters (each with their own specific abilities) while one player plays Count Dracula (who continually releases his evil minions throughout Europe).  Using clues and specific abilities, the four hunters must pin down the ever elusive Count Dracula’s location on the board before evil overtakes the land.  This game is known for its rich and intoxicating theme.  Join us as we dim the lights, pull out the candles, and search the dark alleys of Europe for Count Dracula!

We will be meeting on Saturday, July 15th, from 7pm to 9pm at the Crescent Falls Church Apartment Complex (2121 N. Westmoreland St.).

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Park in the “Retail Parking” deck on the same side of the street as the Crescent Falls Church Apartments.  After you park, enter through the lobby.  The conference room is actually inside the lobby of the apartment complex.  Ask the front desk concierge if you get lost or need help finding the conference room.

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