As our group continues to grow and welcome new members, I felt it was a good time to remind everyone about our policy on mobile phone/smart device use during our private and open game events.

Our Rules & Expectations section on our website has always outlined our view on electronics at the game table.   We ask that members do not use their smart devices or mobile phones during gaming sessions.  We understand the need to stay in touch with our families and children at all times.  As a parent myself, I always keep my phone close by in case of emergencies.  For example, if I have a babysitter watching my child at home, I might take out my phone once or twice every hour to make sure everything is going well at home.  We understand these occasional demands exist.  However, as a rule, we do not keep it out at the game table and especially do not access our phones during a game session unless it is absolutely necessary.  If I ever felt that I was not able to give the game or the other members at the table my full attention and respect during a game session, I would politely remove my reservation for that particular session to open it up for someone else.

Part of what continues to make our group atmosphere so attractive to others is our basic set of Rules & Expectations for the game table.  If we all operate from the same code of conduct, sessions will remain engaging, enriching and friendly.  Distractions at the table, whether it be mobile phones, interactive watches, tablets etc., degrade the experience for everyone at the table.  Our group has always been focused on building community, creating positive connections, and taking a moment to step away from the screens that tend to dominate our daily lives.  For many of us, it is the main reason we play board games.

Thank you all for helping us maintain this policy and for respecting the atmosphere we are trying to build and protect with our group.  If you disagree with this policy or wish to discuss it, feel free to email us at: