We have released our summer schedule for board game sessions throughout the Northern Virginia area.  You can find our summer schedule by clicking on “Summer Schedule 2018” in the left navigation bar of our website.  Or, if you want to link directly to the list of sessions, click the link below (sessions fill up quickly!):


We are offering 16 private game sessions which do require that you reserve a seat.  However, we are also offering three open game nights at Cherrydale Library.  If all the summer private game sessions are full, just plan on coming to an Open Game Night.  The Open Game Nights do not require a reservation – you can just show up!  Open Game Nights are at The Loft (in Cherrydale Library) and have been a big success.  If you haven’t come to one, give it try.  You will love the open format, the variety of games and positive, safe atmosphere we always promote.  To see a list of these Open Game Nights, click on the link below:


On a final note, we are aware that our group is continually growing.  We know it can be frustrating when the game session you want to attend are already full.  We are taking steps to expand our offerings and our lineup for the Fall of 2018.  In fact, we have a few HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS coming in the next few months (so excited to share these details when things become official)!

Thank you to all our members for being patient with us as we learn to manage our growth.  We will never lose our original format of offering private game-specific sessions and promise to never sacrifice our core set of rules and values that make our group so unique.  We believe we can handle our growth and expansion responsibly with more leadership and better communication.

So stay tuned for a few major announcements and enjoy your summer!