Just a friendly reminder that our monthly open board game night is tomorrow night (Monday, May 21st) at Cherrydale Library from 7pm to 9pm.  Be sure to note that this is different from our normal 4th Monday schedule because the library will be closed on Memorial Day.  Please come out and join us!  

If you haven’t been in a while, we have made a few minor changes that we think you will enjoy.  We’ve started to color code all our games, dividing them into three basic categories: Gateway (Green), Strategy (Blue), and Party (Pink).  Each game we bring will have a colored sticky note on the front to give you a better idea of where it fits.  Each sticky note also includes player count.

Another great change is that we have divided the room into two sections.  In one section, we will have two “Spotlight” games setup on a table and ready to play.  One game will always be a “Gateway Game” and the other game will always be a “Strategy Game.”  At these two tables, we will have a “game teacher” who will teach the game to anyone who wants to try it and remain at the table to help with the rules.  And, in the future, we hope to add more Spotlight tables with teachers.   The other half of the room will consist of empty tables so you can try out any of the game we bring that evening.  This area is less structured and available for multiple pick-up games.

We have a lot of new games we can’t wait to share with you.  Make a point to join us tomorrow night!