We are preparing the Spring/Summer 2018 Calendar for the entire group.  If you would like to recommend a game you want to play, please email us your suggestion:  novaboardgamegroup@gmail.com

Also, if you are either interested in hosting a game session or teaching a game you own at a session, we would love to have your help!  Email us and we can add your game and/or hosted session:  novaboardgamegroup@gmail.com

Some games we are considering for the Spring/Summer session include the following:  Airlines Europe, Arcane Academy, Battlestar Galactica, Bunny Kingdom, Cosmic Encounter, Dream Home, Ex Libris, Fairytale Gloom, Flatline, Galaxy Trucker, Grimm Forest, Isle of Skye, Libertalia, Massive Darkness, Nuns on the Run, Quest for El Dorado, Salem 1692, Stuffed Fables, Viral, World’s Fair 1893.

Email us your suggestions/ideas before April 10th!