Great news to our members!  After meeting with the managers at their locations, we are establishing long-term relationships with two new libraries in the metro area.  We are also working with local coffee shop locations on a rotating schedule that should start sometime in January 2018.

Our new dates for December/January/February should be posted in the first few weeks of November.

Also, we have a secondary group that meets once a month to play heavier board games.  These are traditionally strategy board games that are more complex and challenging than the games we normally offer at our public meetups.  However, we do not broadcast those group meetup details publicly on this website.  If you are interested in joining that group to play heavier games, email us for future dates/games/availability.  Remember, these types of games can sometimes take up to 3 or 4 hours to play in full and we ask that members of this strategy group review the basics of gameplay before they show up to play.