Players: 3-6
Game Time: 20 min
Ages: 8 and up
Complexity: Low
Strategy: Medium
Luck: Medium

Auction/Bidding Game
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For Sale is a card game with an auction/bidding game mechanic.  Bid and bluff your way to purchase the most valuable real estate for the lowest amount of money, then turn around and sell those houses (and shacks) for cold hard cash. Be the richest mogul at the end of the game to win.  During the game’s two distinct phases, players first bid for several buildings then, after all buildings have been bought, sell the buildings for the greatest profit possible.

This classic card game is popular choice at many family game tables because it is easy to learn, quick to play and a lot of fun.  It is still ranked 34th on the list of 100 best family board games of all time.  A typical game with players who already know the rules runs about 20 minutes.