We have five spots open at the table for our June 19, 2017, game session.  We will be playing a card game called For Sale and a light strategy game called Kingdom Builder.  For Sale is a simple card game that uses an auction/bidding mechanic.  You become a real estate agent who must buy and sell properties.  During the game’s two distinct phases, players first bid for several buildings then, after all buildings have been bought, sell the buildings for the greatest profit possible.  A typical game of For Sale will run no longer than 30 minutes.  It is a very popular card game with families.  Our second game, Kingdom Builder, lets players create their own kingdoms by skillfully building their settlements, aiming to earn the most gold at the end of the game.  Each turn players get a specific terrain card that directs them where to expand their empire.  By building in certain locations or dominating more of the board, players earn more gold and win the game.  Kingdom Building is a basic strategy game with simple rules.

We will be meeting on Monday, June 19th, from 7pm to 9pm at the Crescent Falls Church Apartment Complex (2121 N. Westmoreland St.).

You MUST sign up using our SignUp Genius link to reserve a seat:


Please note that this event and all events in the near future are on our calendar and sign up links are in the description of those events on the calendar.  You can also see the names of the games we will be playing in the calendar event details for each specific date.  Just click on “Calendar of Events” on the left navigation bar to see all the events we have planned for June.

Park in the “Retail Parking” deck on the same side of the street as the Crescent Falls Church Apartments.  After you park, enter through the lobby.  The conference room is actually inside the lobby of the apartment complex.  Ask the front desk concierge if you get lost or need help finding the conference room.

As always, if you would like to request a particular game, visit our list of owned games (use the “Games We Own” link on the left navigation bar) and email us the name of the game or games you are interested in trying out.  Our email is: novaboardgamegroup@gmail.com.